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Överskrift Self-management of osteoarthritis.
Upplaga Mar;6(1)
Sidor 17-22
Överskrift Self-management of osteoarthritis.
Beskrivning Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent activity-limiting condition among older persons. In addition to, or instead of, taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, people use a variety of activities to manage their osteoarthritis. This study describes the self-management methods reported by 61 participants aged 60 years or older assessed on two occasions 8 months apart. A questionnaire was developed to assess levels of use of 10 self-management methods including low-impact activity, rest, range-of-motion exercises, relaxation, heat (or cold), taking medication, joint protection, massage, splints, and any other activity. On a typical day, participants used about four of these activities to manage osteoarthritis symptoms, and significantly more on a day that their arthritis was worse than usual. Three self-management scales were formed from groups of activities suggested by factor analysis (medication taking, typical management, and worse-day passive management) that demonstrated adequate internal consistency and stability across the two assessments. The findings are discussed in terms of the importance of developing a brief measure of osteoarthritis self-management, and the substantial individual variation in subsets of methods used.
Källa Arthritis Care Res
Publicerad 1993
Författare Birskovich SF, Davidson JM., Foster L, Glasgow RE, Hampson SE, Lines A., Sutcliffe MC, Zeiss AM


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