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Överskrift Leg lengthening and correction of deformity using the femoral Albizzia nail
Upplaga 28(12)
Sidor 1066-77
Överskrift Leg lengthening and correction of deformity using the femoral Albizzia nail
Beskrivning The albizzia femoral nail allows for lengthenings up to 10 cm. It can be used in achondroplastic patients. Multiplane corrections can be addressed with a special nail (3D-Albizzia) if multiple osteotomies are performed (e.g. for proximal and distal femoral varus). A derotation and a flexion/extension osteotomy can also be associated. IM nailing is suitable for patient with previous external fixators. Surgical planning should be careful. The operation is currently performed percutaneously, with a 1 to 2 cm skin incision for nail insertion, and a 6 mm incision for distal femoral dome osteotomies. CPM machine is applied in recovery room and rehabilitation resumes on day 1, allowing more than 120 degrees of knee flexion by day 1. Ratcheting for gradual lengthening is begun on day 5 at a rate of 1 mm/day. Muscle stretching and strengthening are maintained for one year. In bilateral cases, a preoperative strengthening program is set. A 120 degrees knee range of motion can be maintained all during lengthening. Intramedullary lengthening allows for maintaining muscle and soft tissue suppleness which protects from hyperpressure over joints and from long-term muscle waisting. The Albizzia is currently a good tool once the surgeon get used to its physiotherapy aspect. Previously reported general anaeshtesia for getting the ratcheting is barely needed, when the technique has been done percutaneously and when the full range of knee motion is recovered on day 1 and maintained thereafter.
Källa Orthopade
Publicerad 1999 Dec
Författare Guichet JM.


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