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Överskrift Passive tension of the ankle before and after stretching.
Upplaga Jul-Aug
Sidor 489-94
Överskrift Passive tension of the ankle before and after stretching.
Beskrivning The passive tension resulting from dorsiflexion of the ankle was measured in relation to stretching in six handball players and six soccer players. Corresponding values of ankle angle and passive tension were measured by a strain gauge and a potentiometer connected to a pedal system. The passive tension versus ankle angle was measured before and 90 minutes after a single contract-relax stretching program of the plantar flexors. Stretching lowered the passive tension by up to 18%. Contract-relax stretching performed twice a day for 3 weeks lowered the passive tension in the plantar flexors by up to 36%. Before the last measurements, no stretching was performed for 20 hours or more. Stretching thus had both a short-term effect, matching the length of a training session, and a long-term effect, shown in a reduction of passive tension after 3 weeks. The relative decrease in passive tension after stretching exercises was constant from a neutral position of the ankle to maximal dorsiflexion. There was no correlation between 1) flexibility and the short-term effect of stretching, 2) flexibility and the long-term effect of stretching, or 3) the short-term and long-term effects of stretching. This indicates that passive tension was decreased in all subjects irrespective of their flexibility, and that subjects who had short-term effects after stretching did not necessarily demonstrate a long-term effect.
Källa Am J Sports Med
Publicerad 1989
Författare Espersen GT, Hornemann BC, K alund S, Sinkjaer T, Toft E


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