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Assessment of exercise-induced minor muscle lesions: the accuracy of Cyriax's diagnosis by selective tension paradigm. Alberta, Canada., Chamness M, Chenier TC, Conner-Kerr T, Franklin ME, Griffiths RI Department of Medical Physiology, Hodge T., Kelly RR, University of Calgary 1996 Läs mer >>
Shortening of muscle fibres during stretch of the active cat medial gastrocnemius muscle: the role of tendon compliance. Alberta, Canada., Griffiths RI Department of Medical Physiology, Malavaud B, Mi´edoug´e M, Rischmann P, Salama G, Sarramon JP, Serre G, University of Calgary, Vincent C 1991 Läs mer >>
Force responses to fast ramp stretches in stimulated frog skeletal muscle fibres Bagni MA, Cecchi G, Cecchini E, Colombini B, Colomo F 1998 Jan Läs mer >>
Injury to muscle fibres after single stretches of passive and maximally stimulated muscles in mice. Bacon ER, Brooks SV, Cannillo J, Faulkner JA, Gazelle GS, Halpern E, McIntire GL, Na GC, Wolf GL, Zerba E 1995 Oct 1 Läs mer >>
Intracellular calcium and force in single mouse muscle fibres following repeated contractions with stretch. Allen DG, Balnave CD, Bandy WD, Briggler M, Irion JM 1995 Oct 1 Läs mer >>
Rat tendon morphologic and functional changes resulting from soft tissue mobilization. Davidson CJ, Ganion LR, Gehlsen GM, Roepke JE, Sevier TL, Verhoestra B 1997 Mar Läs mer >>
Histological and morphometric changes in untraumatised rabbit skeletal muscle treated with deep transverse friction Deane MN. Gregory MA. Mars M. 2002 Feb Läs mer >>
Stroking of the abdomen causes decreased locomotor activity in conscious male rats. Ahlenius S, Alster P, Kurosawa M, Lund I, Lundberg T, Uvnäs-Moberg K, Wilkinson S 1996 Läs mer >>
The mechanism of blood flow during closed chest cardiac massage in humans: transesophageal echocardiographic observations Bagni MA, Cecchi G, Cecchini E, Colombini B, Colomo F, Ewy GA, Higano ST, Oh JK, Seward JB 1990 Nov Läs mer >>
Single case evaluation of the effects of aromatherapy and massage on disturbed behaviour in severe dementia. Brooker DJ, Brooks SV, Faulkner JA, Johnson E, Payne M, Snape M, Ward D, Zerba E 1997 May Läs mer >>
Changes in size of the stretch reflex of cat and man attributed to aftereffects in muscle spindles. Allen DG, Balnave CD, Gregory JE, Morgan DL, Proske U 1987 Sep Läs mer >>
Quantitative relationships between suckling-induced teat stimulation and the release of prolactin, gastrin, somatostatin, insulin, glucagon and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide in sows. Algers B, Madej A, Rojanasthien S, Uvnas-Moberg K. 1991 Läs mer >>
Passive energy return after repeated stretches of the hamstring muscle-tendon unit. Aagaard P, Davidson CJ, Ganion LR, Gehlsen GM, Magnusson SP, Nielson JJ., Roepke JE, Sevier TL, Verhoestra B 2000 Läs mer >>
Morphological changes of the triceps surae muscle-tendon unit during passive extension: an in vivo rabbit model. Cheng CK, Hang YS, Hayes KW, Hsu SH., Petersen CM, Sun JS, Tsao KY, Tsuang YH 1998 Läs mer >>
Dietary energy, glucocorticoids and the regulation of long bone and muscle growth in the rat Bates PC, Millward DJ, Tirapegui JO, Yahya ZA 1994 Läs mer >>
Muscle stretching and unloading reflexes during cortically evoked movements in unanesthetized cats Bunce IH, Cornish BH, Jones LC, Kostiukov AI, Tal'nov AN, Thomas BJ, Ward LC 1992 Läs mer >>
The course of motor unit twitch in dependence on muscle stretching force. Studies on medial gastrocnemius muscle of the rat Anissimova N, Celichowski J, Davis AE, Grottel K 1990 Läs mer >>
Treatment of capsular contracture through areolar incision after augmentation mammaplasty Algers B, Diao Z., Li L, Madej A, Rojanasthien S, Shirado O, Sun Y, Uvnas-Moberg K. 2002 Läs mer >>
Psychosocial benefits of postmastectomy lymphedema therapy. Bunce IH, Chapman M, Deane MN. Gregory MA. Mars M., Eliadis P, Hennessy JM, Jones LC., Mirolo BR, Olsen T, Ward LC 1995 Läs mer >>
Sensing an improvement: an experimental study to evaluate the use of aromatherapy, massage and periods of rest in an intensive care unit. Ahlenius S, Alster P, Collett D., Dunn C, Kurosawa M, Lund I, Lundberg T, Sleep J, Uvnäs-Moberg K 1995 Läs mer >>
Reflex sympathetic algodystrophy--the therapeutic options Bulau C, Cheng CK, Chiriac R, Hang YS, Hsu SH., Munteanu M., Popovici N, Sun JS, Tsao KY, Tsuang YH 1990 Läs mer >>
The oxytocin antagonist 1-deamino-2-D-Tyr-(Oet)-4-Thr-8-Orn-oxytocin reverses the increase in the withdrawal response latency to thermal, but not mechanical nociceptive stimuli following oxytocin administration or massage-like stroking in rats Agren G, Lundeberg T, Sato A., Uvnas-Moberg K 1995 Läs mer >>
Physical therapy in peripheral facial paresis Bates PC, Laksa B, Millward DJ, Tirapegui JO, Yahya ZA, Zgorzalewicz M 2001 Läs mer >>
What is the most appropriate treatment for patellar tendinopathy? Cook JL, Khan KM, Kostiukov AI, Tal'nov AN 2001 Läs mer >>
Prickly business. The finer points of acupuncture Anissimova N, Celichowski J, Chavez C, Grottel K 1995 Läs mer >>
Improvement of macromolecular clearance via lymph flow in hamster gingiva by topical warming and massage Field TM., Fujimura A, Hase T, Meguro S, Nozaka Y, Shimotoyodome A, Tokimitsu I 2000 Läs mer >>
Muscle fibre composition and electromyographic features of cervical muscles following prolonged head extension in growing rats Gu GM, Hirose T, Ito G, Liu ZJ, Yoshida R 2003 Läs mer >>
Energy storage during stretch of active single fibres from frog skeletal muscle Curtin NA, Linari M, Woledge RC 2003 Läs mer >>
Influence of postoperative immobilization on tendon length after radiofrequency-induced shrinkage: an in vivo rabbit study Hackenberg L, Heusner T, Potzl W, Steinbeck J, Witt KA 2003 Läs mer >>
Prevention of histopathologic changes from 30 repeated stretches of active rat skeletal muscles by long inter-stretch rest times Stauber WT, Willems ME 2002 Läs mer >>
Effects of stretch on work from fast and slow muscles of mice: damped and undamped energy release Grattan MJ, Syme DA 2002 Läs mer >>
A new model for the immobilization of the rat hind limb Coutinho EL, Franca CN, Gomes AR, Salvini TF 2002 Läs mer >>
Mechanisms of muscle injury gleaned from animal models Friden J, Hergenroeder AC, Lieber RL, Purcell JS 2002 Läs mer >>
Actions of the scalene muscles for rotation of the cervical spine in macaque and human Buford JA, Chidley JV, Heiss DG, Yoder SM 2002 Läs mer >>
A 2 week routine stretching programme did not prevent contraction-induced injury in mouse muscle Black JD, Freeman M, Stevens ED 2002 Läs mer >>
Impact of initial muscle length on force deficit following lengthening contractions in mammalian skeletal muscle Burton H, Gosselin LE 2002 Läs mer >>
Passive stretching does not protect against acute contraction-induced injury in mouse EDL muscle Bascom A, Black JD, Stevens ED 2001 Läs mer >>
Force deficits after stretches of activated rat muscle-tendon complex with reduced collagen cross-linking Kohn J., Miaskowski C, Miller GR, Stauber WT, Taylor D, Willems ME 2001 Läs mer >>
Rehabilitation of fractures in small animals: maximize outcomes, minimize complications Doyle ND, Feary AM 2004 Läs mer >>
Effect of one stretch a week applied to the immobilized soleus muscle on rat muscle fiber morphology Coutinho EL, Franca CN, Gomes AR, Polonio J, Salvini TF 2004 Oct Läs mer >>
The effect of passive stretching on delayed onset muscle soreness, and other detrimental effects following eccentric exercise Agren G, Kanstrup IL, Lund H, Lundeberg T, Sato A., Sejrsen P, Uvnas-Moberg K, Vestergaard-Poulsen P 1998 Läs mer >>
Stretch of quadriceps inhibits the soleus H reflex during locomotion in decerebrate cats Misiaszek JE, Pearson KG 1997 Läs mer >>
Distribution of sarcomere length and intracellular calcium in mouse skeletal muscle following stretch-induced injury Allen DG, Balnave CD, Davey DF 1997 Läs mer >>


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