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Vibratory stimulation for the relief of pain of dental origin D'Antoni ML, Ekblom A, Fried MP, Hansson P, Harvey PL, Ottoson D 1981 Läs mer >>
Inhibitory influence of soleus massage onto the medial gastrocnemius H-reflex. Chapman CE, Dowling M, Field T, Henteleff T, Lasko D, Morelli M, Mundy P, Sullivan SJ, Talpins S 1998 Läs mer >>
Is surgery of the hip adductor muscles justified in children with cerebral palsy? Khouri N, Krauss KE, Lespargot A, Renaudin E, Robert M Läs mer >>
Alternative medicine: does it play a role in the management of voice disorders? D'Antoni ML, Fried MP, Harvey PL 1995 Läs mer >>
Autistic children's attentiveness and responsitivity improved after touch therapy Dowling M, Field T, Henteleff T, Lasko D, Mundy P, Talpins S 1996 Läs mer >>
The effects of deep pressure touch on anxiety. Krauss KE 1987 Läs mer >>
Primary care management of chronic musculoskeletal pain Davis AE 1996 Aug Läs mer >>
Effects of a pain programme on nurses' psychosocial, physical and relaxation interventions Abu-Saad HH, Francke AL, Garssen B, Grypdonck M, Luiken JB 1996 Jul Läs mer >>
Alternative medicine: does it play a role in the management of voice disorders? Aagaard P, Delvecchio-Feinberg G, Field T, Henteleff T, Kjaer M, Magnusson SP, Quintino O, Simonsen EB, Wells-Keife L 1997 Jul Läs mer >>
Effects of slow stroke back massage on relaxation in hospice clients Meek SS 1993 Läs mer >>
The course of motor unit twitch in dependence on muscle stretching force. Studies on medial gastrocnemius muscle of the rat Anissimova N, Celichowski J, Davis AE, Grottel K 1990 Läs mer >>
The effect of prolonged static and cyclic stretching on ankle joint stiffness, torque relaxation, and gait in people with stroke Abu-Saad HH, Bressel E, Francke AL, Garssen B, Grypdonck M, Luiken JB, McNair PJ 2002 Läs mer >>
Baby massage: a dialogue of touch. Bond C., Delvecchio-Feinberg G, Field T, Henteleff T, Quintino O, Wells-Keife L 2002 Läs mer >>
Uli'eo Koa--warrior preparedness. Hughes CK., Meek SS 2001 Läs mer >>
A primer of complementary and alternative medicine and its relevance in the treatment of mental health problems. Cimino A., Mamtani R 2002 Läs mer >>
Principles of pain therapy with local anesthesia Klaus E. 1996 Läs mer >>
The current significance of physiotherapeutic measures in the treatment of Parkinson's disease Ulm G. 1995 Läs mer >>
Sensing an improvement: an experimental study to evaluate the use of aromatherapy, massage and periods of rest in an intensive care unit. Ahlenius S, Alster P, Collett D., Dunn C, Kurosawa M, Lund I, Lundberg T, Sleep J, Uvnäs-Moberg K 1995 Läs mer >>
Alternative treatment of psychiatric diseases Akkus S, Kosar A, Ozturk A, Pfeifer S, Serel TA, Unal OS. 1993 Läs mer >>
Relaxation therapy reduces anxiety in child and adolescent psychiatric patients. Blank J, Field TM, Kuhn C, Platania-Solazzo A, Saab P., Schanberg S, Seligman F 1992 Läs mer >>
Alternative treatments for adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Arnold LE 2001 Läs mer >>
Complementary therapies for depression: an overview Ernst E, Rand JI, Stevinson C 1998 Läs mer >>
The effects of duration and frequency of Achilles tendon stretching on dorsiflexion and outcome in painful heel syndrome: a randomized, blinded, control study Barrill E, Cimino A., Mamtani R, May BD, Oneacre K, Porter D 2002 Läs mer >>
Exercise self-efficacy in older adults: social, affective, and behavioral influences Blissmer B, Elavsky S, Goeken LN, Halbertsma JP, Jerome GJ, Marquez DX, McAuley E, van Bolhuis AI 2003 Läs mer >>
The DOSE study: a clinical trial to examine efficacy and dose response of exercise as treatment for depression Chambliss HO, Clark CG, Dunn AL, Kampert JB, Trivedi MH 2002 Läs mer >>
A randomised, controlled study on the effects of a short-term endurance training programme in patients with major depression Adli M, Bauer M, Dimeo F, Knubben K, Reischies FM, Schlattmann P Epub 2006 Läs mer >>
Exercise in prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression among children and young people Ekeland E, Hagen KB, Heian F, Larun L, Nordheim LV 2006 Läs mer >>
Manual therapy for asthma Hondras MA, Jones AP, Klaus E., Linde K 2005 Läs mer >>
Body-oriented therapy in recovery from child sexual abuse: an efficacy study Price C 2005 Läs mer >>
Hamstring strains in athletes: diagnosis and treatment Clanton TO, Coupe KJ., Ulm G. 1998 Läs mer >>
The effect of static stretch and dynamic range of motion training on the flexibility of the hamstring muscles Bandy WD, Briggler M, Collett D., Dunn C, Irion JM, Sleep J 1998 Läs mer >>
Tension neck and evaluation of a physical training course among office workers in a bank corporation Bjorvell H, Klemetti M, Santavirta N, Sarvimaki A 1997 Läs mer >>
A prospective, randomized 5-year follow-up study of functional restoration in chronic low back pain patients Bendix AE, Bendix T, Busch E, Haestrup C 1998 Läs mer >>
Ultrasound therapy effect in carpal tunnel syndrome Bora I, Karakaya MK, Oztas O, Pfeifer S, Turan B 1998 Läs mer >>
A comparison of three different physiotherapy treatments for rheumatoid arthritis of the hands Blank J, Care G, Dixon JS, et al, Field TM, Hawkes J, Kuhn C, Platania-Solazzo A, Saab P., Schanberg S, Seligman F 1986 Läs mer >>
Behavioural treatment for chronic low-back pain Assendelft WJJ, Linton SJ, Morelli M, Morley SJ, Ostelo RWJG, Seaborne DE, Sullivan SJ., van Tulder MW, Vlaeyen JWS 2005 Läs mer >>
A randomised study of the effects of massage therapy compared to guided relaxation on well-being and stress perception among older adults Granner ML, Hussey JR, Sharpe PA, Williams HG 2007 Läs mer >>
Lower back pain and sleep disturbance are reduced following massage therapy Diego M, Field T, Fraser M, Hernandez-Reif M 2007 Läs mer >>
The effectiveness of a 15 minute weekly massage in reducing physical and psychological stress in nurses Bost N, Gerasimenko VN, Grushina TI, Lev SG., Wallis M 2006 Läs mer >>
A pilot study evaluating mindfulness-based stress reduction and massage for the management of chronic pain Goodman M, Owens JE, Plews-Ogan M, Schorling J, Wolfe P 2005 Läs mer >>
A randomized controlled trial of meditation and massage effects on quality of life in people with late-stage disease: a pilot study Katz DL, Liberti L, McCorkle R, Molde S, Njike VY, Rabain-Jamin J, Selwyn PA, Williams AL, Wornham WL., Zelterman D 2005 Läs mer >>
Local back massage with an automated massage chair: general muscle and psychophysiologic relaxing properties Cancela E, FrÈsard E, Khazaal Y, Krenz S, Zullino DF 2005 Läs mer >>
The effect of therapeutic back massage in hypertensive persons: a preliminary study Airaksinen O, Olney CM, Pontinen PJ., Puustjarvi K 2005 Läs mer >>
A randomized clinical trial of the treatment effects of massage compared to relaxation tape recordings on diffuse long-term pain. Arnetz B, Edelstam B, Hasson D, Jelveus L 2004 Läs mer >>
The effects of slow-stroke back massage on anxiety and shoulder pain in elderly stroke patients Mok E, Woo CP 2004 Läs mer >>
Randomised controlled trial of therapeutic massage in the management of stress Brown C, Hanley J, Stirling P 2003 Läs mer >>
The effects of therapeutic back massage on psychophysiologic variables and immune function in spouses of patients with cancer Goodfellow LM 2003 Läs mer >>
Postburn itching, pain, and psychological symptoms are reduced with massage therapy Berzin F, Bevilaqua-Grosso D, Burman I, Field T, Guirro RR, Hernandez-Reif M, Krugman S, Monteiro-Pedro V, Ozment-Schenck L, Peck M, Scd 2000 Läs mer >>
The effects of massage therapy alone and in combination with other complementary therapies on immune system measures and quality of life in human immunodeficiency virus Birk TJ, Khuder S, MacArthur RD, McGrady A, Muiznieks S, Salami L, Violato C 2000 Läs mer >>
Children with cystic fibrosis benefit from massage therapy Field T, Hernandez-Reif M, Krasnegor J, Martinez E, Mavunda K, Schwartzman M 1999 Läs mer >>
Massage therapy for patients undergoing autologous bone marrow transplantation Ahles TA, Dain B, Hann D, Mills L, Pinkson B, Silberfarb PM, Tope DM, Walch S, Weiss JE, Whedon M 1999 Läs mer >>
Effect of a back massage and relaxation intervention on sleep in critically ill patients Richards KC 1998 Läs mer >>
The effect of massage on oxygen consumption at rest Boone T, Cooper R, Simpson R 1995 Läs mer >>
Quality of life and femoral neck fractures Tidermark J 2003 Läs mer >>


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