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New trends in myofascial pain syndrome Baum M, Hong CZ, Liesen H, Rosskopf P, Schober F, Stock C, Weiss M 2002 Läs mer >>
Basic pharmacokinetics and the potential effect of physical therapy interventions on pharmacokinetic variables. Ciccone CD., Hong CZ 1995 Läs mer >>
Randomised trial of acupuncture compared with conventional massage and "sham" laser acupuncture for treatment of chronic neck pain. Behrens N, Beyer A, Gleditsch J, Irnich D, Konig A, Krauss M, Molzen H, Natalis M, Schops P, Senn E 2001 Läs mer >>
Investigation of the effect of GaAs laser therapy on cervical myofascial pain syndrome Altan L, Aykac M, Bingol U, Courtney U, Donnelly C, Kenny T, Lavin C., Wright S, Yurtkuran M 2005 Jan Läs mer >>
Increases of intracranial pressure and changes of blood flow velocity due to acupressure, needle and laser needle acupuncture? Leake NB., Litscher G, Schikora D, Schwarz G, Wang L, Whitmore SM 2005 Läs mer >>
Low-energy diode laser irradiation reduced plasminogen activator activity in human periodontal ligament cells. Abiko Y, Bendarzhevskaia AK, Davydova OB, Krasnikov VE, Lebedeva OD, Ozawa Y, Shimizu N, Tupitsyna IuIu, Zaborskaia OV. 1997 Läs mer >>
Ultrasound and laser therapy in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome Bakhtiary AH, Chen JY., Rashidy-Pour A 2004 Läs mer >>
Laser and ultrasonic therapy in the treatment of acute purulent diseases of the soft tissues in children Abemayor E., Chekmarev VM, Crumley RL, Rakhimov AU 1994 Läs mer >>
Physiotherapy in the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders: a comparative study of four treatment methods Fedorovskaia LS, Gray RJ, Hall CA, Lapshin VP, Menchukov ON, Quayle AA, Schofield MA, Vasina GV. 1994 Läs mer >>


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