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Överskrift Alternative Medicine Use by Patients with Epilepsy
Upplaga 1(1)
Överskrift Alternative Medicine Use by Patients with Epilepsy
Beskrivning Purpose. The objectives of this study were, first, to determine the prevalence, characteristics, and demographic patterns of alternative medicine (AM) use in patients with epilepsy, and second, to ascertain the extent to which these patients inform the neurologist of AM use.Methods. Surveys were distributed randomly to patients attending a tertiary care epilepsy clinic. The survey assessed use of specific herbal medicine/dietary supplements, along with other forms of AM.Results. Of 150 surveys distributed, 92 were used for analysis. Twenty-two patients with epilepsy (24%) used AM, and only 31% of AM users reported such to their neurologists. Massage and herbs/supplements were used the most, and only two patients used AM specifically for treatment related to epilepsy.Conclusions. A sizable minority of patients with epilepsy who visit our tertiary care clinic use AM. Health professionals should actively monitor therapies to ensure safety and effectiveness with combined traditional medicine and AM use.
Källa 1525-5050
Publicerad 2000
Författare Fukashiro S, Fukunaga T, Funato K, Kawakami Y, Kuno S, McAuley JW, Moore JL, Peebles CT, Reeves AL, Roach J


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