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Överskrift Passive energy return after repeated stretches of the hamstring muscle-tendon unit.
Upplaga 32(6)
Sidor 1160-4
Överskrift Passive energy return after repeated stretches of the hamstring muscle-tendon unit.
Beskrivning It has been shown that five repetitive static stretches of human hamstring muscle, each lasting 90 s and separated by 30 s, altered the passive properties on a short-term basis. However, a total of 7.5 min (5 x 90 s) of stretching for a single muscle group may be an unrealistic stretching program. PURPOSE: The present investigation examined whether three repeated 45-s static stretches had a measurable effect on the passive properties of the hamstring muscle-tendon unit, in vivo. METHODS: Resistance to stretch was defined as the passive moment (Nm) offered by the hamstring muscle group during passive knee extension using a KinCom dynamometer as previously described (Kinetic Communicator, Chattecx Corp., Chattanooga, TN). The static stretch exercise was administered to the left lower extremity of all subjects and consisted of a dynamic phase of passive knee extension to a predetermined final joint angle followed by a 45-s static phase. The procedure was repeated for a total of three 45-s static stretches with 30-s rest period between stretches. RESULTS: There was a significant decline in resistance over the 45-s the static phase in stretch 1 (20 +/- 3%) and stretch 3 (18 +/- 3%), P < 0.001. Further, the absolute or relative decline in resistance over time stretch 1 and 3 were equivalent. The mean resistance in stretch 1 and 3, expressed as the log(e) of time, yielded an equal and highly linear relationship (r2 = 0.96 +/- 0.01); the slope and intercept did not differ. In the dynamic phase of the stretch, the energy of stretch 1 and 3 were similar. CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that the static stretching protocol used in the present study had no short-term effect on the viscoelastic properties of human hamstring muscle group.
Källa Med Sci Sports Exerc
Publicerad 2000
Författare Aagaard P, Davidson CJ, Ganion LR, Gehlsen GM, Magnusson SP, Nielson JJ., Roepke JE, Sevier TL, Verhoestra B


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