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Överskrift The effect of massage on oxygen consumption at rest
Upplaga 1
Sidor 37-41
Överskrift The effect of massage on oxygen consumption at rest
Beskrivning This study determined the effect of massage on oxygen consumption at rest. Ten healthy, adult males (mean age 28 years) volunteered to serve as subjects. During the Control Session, each subject was placed in the supine position on a massage table to remain motionless for 30 minutes. During the Treatment Session, each subject received a 30-minute sports massage of the lower extremities. Oxygen consumption was determined via the Beckman Metabolic Measurement Chart, which was upgraded to estimate cardiac output using the CO2 rebreathing (equilibrium) method. Paired t-tests were used for all tests of statistical significance. There was no significant difference in the subjects' oxygen consumption with the massage. Also, there were no significant differences in heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output, and arteriovenous oxygen differences during massage. These findings indicate (1) that massaging the lower extremeties results in neither an increase nor a decrease in the subjects' expenditure of energy at rest and (2) that the energy costs of metabolism at rest in determined by the same central and-or peripheral adjustments.
Källa American Journal of Chinese Medicine
Publicerad 1995
Författare Boone T, Cooper R, Simpson R


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