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Överskrift Ultrasound therapy effect in carpal tunnel syndrome
Upplaga 12
Sidor 1540-4
Överskrift Ultrasound therapy effect in carpal tunnel syndrome
Beskrivning OBJECTIVE: To investigate the overall effect of repeated ultrasound treatment in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). DESIGN: Patient-blinded, placebo-controlled, before-after treatment trial. SETTING: University hospital PM&R department outpatient clinic and neurology department electromyography laboratory. PATIENTS: Eighteen women with diagnosis of CTS in 30 hands. INTERVENTIONS: Three groups, each with 10 cases of CTS, were randomly established. Continuous ultrasound therapy, with intensities of 1.5W/cm2 (group A), 0.8W/cm2 (group B), and 0.0W/cm2 (group C), was applied to palmar carpal tunnel area for 5 minutes, 5 days a week, for 2 weeks. OUTCOME MEASURES: Patients were evaluated clinically and electrophysiologically before and after the treatment. RESULTS: At the end of treatment, statistically significant improvement was obtained in clinical parameters in all groups: pain (p < .05), pain/paresthesia at night/day (p < .05), and frequency of awakening at night (p < .05). Although there was no statistically significant before-after difference in electrophysiologic studies, slightly decreased motor nerve conduction velocity and increased motor distal latency were noted in groups A and B, but not in group C. CONCLUSION: Ultrasound therapy in CTS was comparable to placebo ultrasound in providing symptomatic relief, and the probability of a negative effect on motor nerve conduction needs to be considered.
Källa Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation
Publicerad 1998
Författare Bora I, Karakaya MK, Oztas O, Pfeifer S, Turan B


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