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Överskrift Fibromyalgia syndrome
Upplaga 33(4)
Sidor 653-69
Överskrift Fibromyalgia syndrome
Beskrivning Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a more common a condition than previously estimated. The most recent estimates are that 3 to 6 million patients have been diagnosed with FMS. The ACR criteria, established in 1990, provide the primary care provider with definitive subjective and objective findings that have shown to be 88% accurate in their ability to diagnose patients with the syndrome. There is no cure for FMS. It is a chronic condition, but patients quality of life can be improved when fatigue and pain are reduced. The institution of a plan that is developed collaboratively by the patient and the provider is the essence of successful symptom management. The hallmarks of the management plan include: improving the quality of sleep through the judicious use of medications that boost the body's level of serotonin (therefore reducing fatigue), and reducing pain through complimentary modalities such as exercise, physical therapy, relaxation techniques, massage, and biofeedback.
Källa Nurs Clin North Am
Publicerad 1998
Författare Bennie A, Bergstrom E, Haas BM, Jamous A, Smith WA


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