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Överskrift Mechanical stretch induces enhanced expression of angiotensin II receptor subtypes in neonatal rat cardiac myocytes.
Upplaga Oct
Sidor 887-97
Överskrift Mechanical stretch induces enhanced expression of angiotensin II receptor subtypes in neonatal rat cardiac myocytes.
Beskrivning Mechanical stress plays a pivotal role in the development of cardiac hypertrophy during hemodynamic overload, and angiotensin (Ang) II secreted from stretched myocytes plays an important role in mechanical stretch-induced hypertrophy. In the present study, we examined stretch-induced expression of Ang II receptors in an in vitro stretch model using 1-day-old rat myocytes. Both Ang II type 1 receptor (AT1-R) and type 2 receptor (AT2-R) mRNA levels were upregulated by myocyte stretching with similar time courses: significant increases were evident 6 hours after stretching, maximal levels (2.8- and 3.3-fold, respectively) were observed at 12 hours, and these were sustained for up to 18 hours. Ang II receptor expression in fibroblast-rich cultures was not affected by stretching. Conditioned medium in which myocytes were stretched for 12 hours significantly downregulated AT1-R and AT2-R mRNA levels in recipient myocytes, and this effect was almost completely blocked by AT1-R antagonists but not AT2-R antagonists. Stretch-induced expression of AT1-R and AT2-R mRNAs was further increased by 27% and 31%, respectively, after pretreatment with AT1-R antagonists, suggesting that Ang II secreted from stretched myocytes downregulates both AT1-R and AT2-R. Western blot and binding assays showed that the number of AT1-Rs and AT2-Rs increased by 2.4- and 2.6-fold, respectively, without affecting receptor affinities. Inositol phosphate response to 0.5 mumol/L Ang II was enhanced 2.1-fold in stretched myocytes. Nuclear runoff assays and treatment with actinomycin D revealed that stretch-induced upregulation of AT1-R was mainly due to increased transcription, whereas that of AT2-R resulted from a stabilizing effect on AT2-R mRNA metabolism. Stretch-induced changes in levels of Ang II receptors were inhibited by genistein but not by H-7, staurosporin, and protein kinase C depletion or by BAPTA-AM. Exposure to cycloheximide did not affect stretch-induced changes. These findings indicate that nonsecretory pathways activated by myocyte stretching upregulate the expression of Ang II receptor subtypes transcriptionally and posttranscriptionally through mechanisms involving stretch-activated tyrosine kinases independently of de novo protein synthesis and that the AT1-R-mediated action of Ang II is functionally enhanced in stretched cardiac myocytes.
Källa Circ Res
Publicerad 1996
Författare Hilliard D, Inada M, Iwasaka T, Kijima K, Komuro I, Maruyama K, Matsubara H, Mori Y, Murasawa S, Ohkubo N, Yazaki Y


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