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Överskrift Massage therapy and therapeutic touch in children: state of the science
Upplaga 6(5)
Sidor 54-63
Överskrift Massage therapy and therapeutic touch in children: state of the science
Beskrivning OBJECTIVE: To review and critique the research on the effect of massage therapy and therapeutic touch in children, and to describe clinical implications and make suggestions for future study. DATA SOURCES: Studies were obtained through online computer searches of CINAHL, MEDLINE, PsychInfo, and SocioFile. Key words used were tactile, kinesthetic, massage therapy, touch, therapeutic touch, infants, and children. STUDY SELECTION, DATA EXTRACTION, AND SYNTHESIS: Fourteen massage therapy studies were selected because they met the following 3 criteria: investigated massage therapy in children; were published in refereed nursing, allied health, or infant and child development journals between 1969 and 1999; and were quantitative in nature. Studies were divided according to developmental age for analysis: neonates, preschool, and older children. Five therapeutic touch studies, 3 quantitative and 2 qualitative, were selected because they were the only empirical reports about the effect of therapeutic touch in children to date. In addition to critiques, the therapeutic touch studies were examined for the following 10 characteristics: study purpose/hypotheses, background/literature review, sample selection method, study design/random assignment, independent variable/length of treatment/control and confounders, dependent variables/measurements, outcomes, study limitations, and implications for future research. CONCLUSIONS: More research exists to support the use of massage therapy than therapeutic touch in children. A set of common findings across 2 decades of study suggests that massage therapy may be useful in the care of infants and children. Because massage therapy and therapeutic touch seem to elicit similar parasympathetic effects, therapeutic touch may be useful. There is insufficient evidence, however, to recommend its use in children without qualifications.
Källa Altern Ther Health Med
Publicerad 2000
Författare Beeken JE, Cory J, Ireland M, Montopoli G., Olson M, Parks D


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