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Överskrift Practice patterns of massage therapists
Upplaga 6(6)
Sidor 527-9
Överskrift Practice patterns of massage therapists
Beskrivning OBJECTIVES: To describe the practice patterns of licensed massage therapists (LMTs). DESIGN: Cross-sectional survey. SUBJECTS: One hundred and twenty-six (126) massage practices randomly selected from the Greater Boston Area yellow pages. OUTCOMES MEASURES: Practitioner demographics, training, practice characteristics, and fees. RESULTS: The response rate was 65%. Most respondents were Caucasian (95%) and female (80%). Their mean age was 41 years old. Half held a college degree; on average, practitioners received 1000 hours of training in massage therapy. The majority were in group practices (59%) and saw an average of 20 patients per week. The typical visit lasted 50-60 minutes; the cost was $60 and rarely covered by insurance (5%). Half of respondents offered sliding scales to patients, but only 11% accepted Medicaid patients. Respondents reported less than 1 visit per week from pediatric and adolescent patients (<21 years old). CONCLUSIONS: Most LMTs are female and Caucasian. The costs of massage therapy are almost entirely paid out-of-pocket by patients (95%). LMTs infrequently care for children.
Källa J Altern Complement Med
Publicerad 2000
Författare Kemper KJ, Lee AC


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