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Överskrift Self-administered pain-relieving manoeuvres in primary headaches
Upplaga 21(7)
Sidor 718-26
Överskrift Self-administered pain-relieving manoeuvres in primary headaches
Beskrivning We investigated the use of self-administered pain-relieving manoeuvres on a sample of 400 patients with primary headaches--represented by an even distribution of migraine without aura (MO), migraine with aura (MA), episodic tension-type headache (TH), and cluster headache (CH)--consecutively seen at Padua and Parma Headache Centres. Manoeuvres on various regions of the head were used by 258 patients (65% of the cases). The most applied procedures were: compression (114 out of 382 manoeuvres; 30%), application of cold (27%), massage (25%) and application of heat (8%). A significant (P < 0.001) relationship was found between headache diagnoses and type of manoeuvre. In MO patients the application of cold (38% of the manoeuvres) and compression (36%), used mainly on the forehead and temples, prevailed; compression, mainly on the temples, was the most frequent procedure (44%) in MA patients. Massage on the temples and nape was the predominant manoeuvre (43%) in TH patients, whereas in the CH group, which more often required heterogeneous procedures, none of the above-mentioned manoeuvres was prevalent. Compression, as a diagnostic criterion for MO, had a sensitivity of 33% and a specificity of 86%; for the application of cold the figures were 36% and 84%, respectively. Massage had a sensitivity of 33% and a specificity of 80% for TH. The efficacy of the self-administered manoeuvres in reducing pain was scarce. Only 8% of the manoeuvres, in fact, resulted in a good or excellent pain control. Moreover, the efficacy of the manoeuvre was often momentary, wearing off when the manoeuvre stopped. In spite of this, 46% of the subjects used the manoeuvres constantly, at each attack.
Källa Cephalalgia
Publicerad 2001
Författare Bertolasi L, Bongiovanni LG, De Grandis D, Falco L, Gasperini M, Granella F, Maggioni F, Manzoni GC, Rossi P, Zanchin G, Zanette GP


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