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Överskrift Pelvic relaxation and physiotherapy--prevention and treatment
Upplaga Jan 30;112(3)
Sidor 349-51
Överskrift Pelvic relaxation and physiotherapy--prevention and treatment
Beskrivning The number of women referred for physiotherapy due to pelvic girdle relaxation problems during and after pregnancy is increasing. The women are taught to move without provoking pain. By taking small steps and using a flexible foot they achieve a more relaxed way of walking. A good way of resting is to lie down on one side, with cushions between knees and ankles. Frequent and short periods of rest combined with activity increases the blood circulation, and can reduce pain. Some women also benefit from massage, relaxation and other treatment. Two to six treatments are often enough to reduce actual pain and prevent further pain. In our experience, physiotherapy based on these guidelines provides the women with a means of influencing their pain, which may improve their everyday lives. Review, Tutorial
Källa Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen
Publicerad 1992
Författare Banerud BS, Helmert M, Jamshidi M, Larun L., Lo SK., Smith AW


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