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Överskrift Manual therapy in the treatment of neck pain.
Upplaga Aug;22(3)
Sidor 579-98
Överskrift Manual therapy in the treatment of neck pain.
Beskrivning In general, manual therapies have been demonstrated to be effective for mechanical neck pain in the short term when used in combination with other treatments. No one treatment protocol has been shown to be optimal as specific types of manual therapies have not been investigated in detail. Safety is a prime consideration when applying these treatments. The risk of increased symptoms resulting from manual therapy is low (in the range of 1%-2%), with the most common symptom aggravation being vertigo or dizziness. The risk of serious complication or death from neck manipulation is extremely low (in the range of 0.0001%). Optimal levels of education, training, and competency are integral to the safe performance of manual therapy. Publication Types: Review
Källa Rheum Dis Clin North Am
Publicerad 1996
Författare Aker PD, Gross AR, Quartly C., Simpson MD., Wilkinson JM


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