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Överskrift Spinal cord patients benefit from massage therapy.
Upplaga 112(2)
Sidor 133-42
Överskrift Spinal cord patients benefit from massage therapy.
Beskrivning The present study assessed the effects of massage therapy on depression, functionality, upper body muscle strength and range of motion on spinal cord injury patients. Twenty C5 through C7 spinal cord injury individuals recruited from a University outpatient clinic were randomly assigned to a massage therapy group or an exercise group. Patients in the massage therapy group received two 40-min massage therapy sessions per week for 5 weeks. Patients in the control group practiced a range of motion exercise routine targeting the arms, neck, shoulders, and back 2 times per week for 5 weeks. Although both the massage and exercise group appeared to benefit from treatment, only the massage group showed lower anxiety and depression scores and significantly increased their muscle strength and wrist range of motion.
Källa Int J Neurosci
Publicerad 2002
Författare Brucker B, Burman I., Diego MA, Field T, Field T, Hart S, Hernandez-Reif M


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