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Överskrift Treatment of digital hydrofluoric acid burns.
Överskrift Treatment of digital hydrofluoric acid burns.
Beskrivning BACKGROUND: Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is one of the strongest inorganic acids and is used widely in industry. It differs from other acids in the mechanism of injury. The hydrogen ion readily penetrates the skin and causes destruction of deep tissue layers and even bone. METHODS: If HF burns to the digital skin, keep washing with large amounts of tap water for a minimum of 15 minutes. Then topically apply 2.5% calcium gluconate gel and massage for at least 40 minutes. Locally inject with 10% calcium gluconate solution if the pain persists. We studied the cases with HF finger burns in our hospital. RESULTS: In general, this procedure is effective in the treatment of fingertip hydrofluoric acid burns. In 2 cases, due to attentive treatment, posttreatment conditions were red swelling of the skin only. The posttreatment conditions of the 10 cases have good prognosis. In one case, the worker had very poor sense of first-aid awareness; after her burn was treated with running water, she didn't receive proper treatment immediately. The wound took 20 days to heal. In the last 2 cases, low concentrations of hydrofluoric acid entered the eyes, but after treated with running water, no aftereffects were suffered. CONCLUSIONS: An accurate occupational history and physical examination are important aspects in patient assessment. We hope that this report will assist practitioner to properly manage HF burns.
Källa Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi (Taipei)
Författare Chen YH, Liou SH., Mazin, Su WL


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