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Överskrift The Role of Massage in Preparation For and Recovery From Exercise: An Overview
Upplaga 14
Sidor 1-9
Överskrift The Role of Massage in Preparation For and Recovery From Exercise: An Overview
Beskrivning It is evident that the literature on this subject is far from extensive. We have examined the literature with respect to influence of massage on individual physiological paramaters, physical performance and recovery, and some psychological variables. Alhtough we noted that massage had some modest effects on local blood flow, there is no evidence that these effects can be directly translated into improved performance. Indeed, the literature on performance in this regard is equivocal at best and not at all supportive if viewed more conservatively. Likewise, the literature does not support the widely held notion that recovery from exercise is enhanced by various forms of massage. We do note, however, that there is a considerable body of anecdotal reports that attest to the contribution massage makes to the feeling of well-being of many participants. At this juncture there is no way of knowing how, if at all, this feeling influences performance. An example of this is the positive manner in which massage appears to influence mood state. An argument against this apparent effect is the lack of any strong support for a positive effect of massage on performance. Although we found no compelling evidence that massage has any major impact on exercise performance or recovery, this does not mean that positive effects are not forthcoming from this intervention, but rather that they simply have not been demonstrated. Since there are no reports that massage is deleterious in any way, it would seem that its continued use would not be totally inapprorpriate, so long as it is clear that the intent is palliative.
Källa Sports Medicine
Publicerad 1992
Författare Cafarelli E, Flint F


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