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Överskrift Integration: a synergistic approach to health/wellness.
Upplaga 18(3)
Sidor 134-7
Överskrift Integration: a synergistic approach to health/wellness.
Beskrivning Integration is defined as the weaving of new possibilities, new alternatives, and new options into a cloak of security where concepts of health or wellness are actualized. In integration, the mind, body, and soul are open to explore and embrace these new possibilities, alternatives, and options. The authors believe the process of integration, and thus health, is enhanced via synergy; particularly the synergy created by the provider/individual relationship. Health care is an outcome or the culmination of a variety of modalities identified, explored, and celebrated by the individual seeking health/wellness and the primary care practitioner coordinating care. In the quest to provide individuals with the health care they seek, practitioners are encouraged to take note of the lessons taught by alternative and complementary health care practitioners. Individuals want to be heard. They are seeking effective, low cost interventions that are as natural as possible. Reiki, meditation, biofeedback, massage, botanicals, healing touch, ayurveda, and aromatherapy represent some of the healing modalities and complementary therapies to explore for integration.
Källa SCI Nurs
Publicerad 2001
Författare Flowers KR, Imes S., Li Y, McClure PW, Pratt N, Roca HJ 3rd


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