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Överskrift Massage effects on cocaine-exposed preterm neonates
Upplaga 14
Sidor 318-322
Överskrift Massage effects on cocaine-exposed preterm neonates
Beskrivning Thirty preterm cocaine-exposed preterm neonates (mean gestational age 30 wks, mean birth weight = 1212 g, mean intensive care unit duration = 18 days) were randomly assigned to a massage therapy or a control group as soon as they were considered medically stable. Group assignment was based on a random stratification of gestational age, birth weight, intensive care unit duration, and entry weight into the study. The treatment group (N = 15) received massages for three 15-minute periods 3 consecutive hours for a 10-day period. Findings suggested that the massaged infants (1) averaged 28% greater weight gain per day (33 vs 26 g) although the groups did not differ in intake (calories or volume), (2) showed significantly fewer postnatal complications and stress behaviors than did control infants, and (3) demonstrated more mature motor behaviors on the Brazelton examination at the end of the 10-day study period.
Källa Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
Publicerad 1993
Författare Bandstra E, Derman EW, Field T, Ironson G, Noakes TD, Scafidi FA, Schwellnus MP, Valdeon C, Wheeden A


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