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Överskrift A comparison of intramuscular temperatures during ultrasound treatments with coupling gel or gel pads
Upplaga 5
Sidor 216-220
Överskrift A comparison of intramuscular temperatures during ultrasound treatments with coupling gel or gel pads
Beskrivning Study Design: A repeated-measures design was used. The independent variable was ultrasound coupling medium with 2 levels: gel pad and traditional gel. The dependent variable was peak intramuscular (IM) tissue temperature. Objective: To compare changes in IM temperature during similar ultrasound treatments with 2 different coupling media. Background: Gel pads are gaining popularity as an ultrasound coupling medium. Intramuscular temperatures during ultrasound with gel pads and standard gel have not been compared. Methods and Measures: Subjects were 13 student volunteers (21.3 +/- 1.4 years of age) without lower-extremity pathology. Ultrasound treatments were administered in a laboratory on two separate occasions 48 hours apart, each with a different coupling medium (standard ultrasound gel or gel pad). One-MHz continuous ultrasound was administered for 7 minutes at 1.5 W/cm<sup>2</sup> with the transducer head moving 3 to 4 cm/s over an area approximately twice the size of the transducer head. Tissue temperature was measured every 10 seconds using implantable thermocouples inserted at a 3-cm depth to the surface of the right medial calf. Data were analyzed using an ANCOVA with pretreatment temperature as the covariate. Results: Tissue temperatures increased during both treatments, with the mean and standard deviation peak temperature during the gel pad treatment reaching 39.4[degrees] +/- 1.5[degrees]C compared to 39.2[degrees] +/- 2.4[degrees]C during the normal gel treatment. Statistical analysis revealed no difference in temperature between ultrasound treatments using gel and those performed using gel pads. Conclusions: Because temperature changes were similar with both treatments, we conclude that these coupling methods are equivalent under the ultrasound application parameters tested. Number of References 24. Copyright © 2008 Elsevier B. V., Amsterdam. All Rights Reserved.
Källa Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy
Publicerad 2002
Författare Cordova ML, Cushman LF, Factor-Litvak P, Ingersoll CD, Kalmuss D, Kronenberg F, Merrick MA, Mihalyov MR, Roethemeier JL, Wade C


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