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Överskrift Effects of hand massage on comfort of nursing home residents
Upplaga 2
Sidor 85-91
Överskrift Effects of hand massage on comfort of nursing home residents
Beskrivning Patient comfort is a goal of therapeutic nursing practice and a primary nursing function. Residents in nursing homes have many comfort needs including physical, psychospiritual, sociocultural, and environmental. These comfort needs are addressed by various caregivers including nurses, nursing assistants, and family members. Hand massage is a simple comfort intervention that can be incorporated readily into routine nursing care activities and conveys caring through touch, individual attention, and presence. As an intervention, hand massage promotes comfort and facilitates communication between care recipients and caregivers. The purpose of this study was to test the effectiveness of hand massage as an intervention that affects nursing home residents' comfort and satisfaction. Results are presented for 35 participants who received hand massage and 25 participants in a comparison group. Findings showed no significant differences in comfort levels or satisfaction with care over time. Significant group differences, however, were found for comfort and satisfaction when measured at specific time periods. The discussion highlights these mixed findings and presents implications for further development of hand massage as part of nursing home residents' care.
Källa Geriatric nursing (New York, N.Y.)
Publicerad 2006
Författare Kolcaba K, Schirm V, Steiner R


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