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Överskrift Chomassi: a therapy advice system based on chrono-massage and acupression using the method of ZiWuLiuZhu
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Överskrift Chomassi: a therapy advice system based on chrono-massage and acupression using the method of ZiWuLiuZhu
Beskrivning Massage and Acupression have a history of many years of use by the Vietnamese people in the treatment of diseases, and they can give wonderful therapeutic effects in painful syndromes and chronic diseases, etc. On the other hand, some methods of Chrono-Acupuncture based on chronobiological theory and the holistic concept of traditional medicine are studied and applied in clinical applications. This paper presents the therapy advice system based on Chrono-Massage and Acupression using the method of ZiWuLiuZhu called CHROMASSI. The system includes four major parts. Massage and Acupression Teaching: This part can provide the user with some background in Massage and Acupression theory such as the pathology of the meridians, the classification of points and their function, the therapeutic properties of points, the methods of Massage and Acupression (including Pression, Friction, Rubbing, Light Massage, Petrissage, Rolling and Rubbing, Percussion and Vibration), and the direction of the meridians circulation, displaying AcuPoints represented by color pictures of the 12 main meridians and 2 vessels. More than 330 popular AcuPoints are used in the system. Open AcuPoint Calculating: This module can help us to calculate open AcuPoints based on data about days, months, years and hours using the special method of ZiWuLiuZhu. The Points adopted by ZiWuLiuZhu are the Five Shu Points and Source Points including 66 points (all of them are located below the elbows and knees). The effectiveness of these points becomes particularly evident when they are needled or punctured at optimum time intervals. For example, at 9:00 a.m., September 22, 1994, the open Points by the ZiWuLiuZhu method will be the points K2 (Nhien Coc) and K10 (Am Coc). According to the chronotherapeutic method, first we have to pressure (or puncture) the above points in order to attain the sensation RDac KhiS (arrival of energy), then pressure the other treating points as in ordinary Massage and Acupression. Therapy Consultation: Knowledge of the system was provided by Prof. Nguyen Van Thang and Doctor Nguyen Nhu Oanh at the Vietnam National Institute of Oriental Medicine. CHROMASSI is able to advise on ways to treat about 153 diseases and symptoms in the following fields: Aches and Pains, Insomnia, Common Cold and Influenza, Sexual Disturbances, Medical Aesthetics in Face, Breast and Buttock, Hygiene, Cardio-Vascular Tract, Digestive Tract, Urinary Tract, Respiratory Tract, Genital Tract, Ear-Nose-Throat Tract, Nervous Tract. The system can provide information about Remarks, Acupoints formulas for treating by Massage and Acupression with colour pictures of meridians. Explanation: The CHROMASSI system can explain why the AcuPoints are used for treating diseases based on the theoretical bases of traditional Vietnamese medicine and on the meridians and collaterals system theory. The colour pictures representing the circulation of vital energy in the meridians are used for explanation. The CHROMASSI system was developed in TURBO-PROLOG and TURBO-PASCAL and can run on IBM PC/AT computers and compatibles. The system can be used for teaching and for clinics of Massage and Acupression combined with Chronotherapeutics. At present the system is used by some physicians for clinical applications. The first results indicate that, in 20 cases of generalized headache compared with the control group, the combining of chronoacupression using the ZiWuLiuZhu method and ordinary Massage and Acupression gave better effects than that obtained by either method alone
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Publicerad 1995
Författare Le DL, Nguyen HP, Nguyen NO, Nguyen VT, Tran QM


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