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Överskrift Chronic nonspecific lung diseases in workers in the gold-mining industry
Överskrift Chronic nonspecific lung diseases in workers in the gold-mining industry
Beskrivning AIM: Assessment of prevalence, specific characteristics of chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases (CNPD) in gold-miners. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The examination of a therapist, otorhinolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, total blood count, urinalysis, computer spirography, chest fluorography and ECG were included in the survey covering 1110 gold miners 18-65 years of age. 78.56% of them were exposed to occupational hazards. RESULTS: CNPD were diagnosed in 362 (33.62%) examinees, 279 (25.14%) demonstrated symptoms of prebronchitis. Most of CNPD patients were at the age from 30 to 59 years. The majority of them worked in detrimental conditions 10 years and longer. Among CNPD-free subjects were those exposed to the risk factors for up to 5 years. Prebronchitis developed in those who worked at least 5 years. Such risk factors as occupational hazards, smoking, bronchopulmonary lesions in close relatives, frequent acute respiratory infections, allergy, abnormalities of the upper respiratory tracts contributed to the onset of CNPD. Combination of 3 and more risk factors led to CNPD most often. 45 patients (20 with prebronchitis and 25 with chronic bronchitis) were treated with a positive effect. Rehabilitation measures comprised physiotherapy, massage, respiratory exercise, inhalation of anticholinergic and mucolytic drugs. CONCLUSION: In gold miners examined CNPD occurred in 32.62%. CNPD occurrence correlated with duration of service. 25% of the examinees had prebronchitis which arose after 5-6 years of work in detrimental conditions. This is just the time for measures to prevent chronic bronchitis.
Källa Ter Arkh, 70(3):56-60 199
Författare Kozlova IIu, Se¨isembekov TZ


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