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Överskrift Efficacy of aquatic exercises for patients with low-back pain
Upplaga 46(2):
Sidor 91-6
Överskrift Efficacy of aquatic exercises for patients with low-back pain
Beskrivning We have studied 35 patients (25 female and 10 male) with low-back pain who were managed with aquatic exercises after an appropriate period of treatment for their condition in the medical institution. The exercises employed consisted of strengthening exercises for the abdominal, gluteal, and leg muscles, stretching of the back, hip, hamstrings, and calf muscles, walking in water, and swimming. All the patients had been participating in the exercise program for more than 6 months. The frequency of performing exercises was once a week for 7 patients, twice a week for 19, and 3 or more times a week for the remaining patients. The method used in this study was a survey questionnaire which was composed of questions about the patient's physical and psychological condition. Those patients who had performed exercises twice or more in a week showed a more significant improvement in the physical score than those who performed exercises only once a week. More than 90% of the patients felt they had improved after 6 months of participation in the program. The improvement in physical score was independent of the initial ability in swimming. The results obtained suggested that exercises in water may be one of the most useful modes of exercise for a patient with low-back pain.
Källa Kurume Med J
Publicerad 1999
Författare Akashi H, Ariyoshi M, Burns KR., Egan EC, Hirai Y, Imayama H, Inoue A, Mashima T, Mutoh Y, Nagata K, Paku C, Shimokobe T, Snyder M, Sonoda K, Takamiya Y, Yasunaga H, Yoshimatsu H, Zenmyo M


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