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Överskrift Fasciitis following face lift
Upplaga 42(6)
Sidor 603-7
Överskrift Fasciitis following face lift
Beskrivning Facial fasciitis or non infectious facial retractions are rare and surprising events after a facelift performed at any age. The signs are firm retraction located on one or both sides of the face or neck. They differ from salivary fistula, localised oedema, and limited hematoma, which may be the initial factor responsible for this curious outcome. We found a particular psychological status in these patients, who are often fragile and depressed and who obtain a secondary gain from this impaired status. The treatment of facial retraction (facial fasciitis is non surgical: we recommend local massage, patience and psychological help for quite a long time (6 months-one year). The outcome is spontaneously favorable, unless the patient automanipulates. A psychosomatic link must be considered. This transient facial retraction may correspond to some forms of hand retraction (such as Dupuytren's disease with spontaneous healing) or some thoracic retractions after insertion of mammary prosthesis. Facial fasciitis is a rare complication in our practice (1.4% of all patients) but must be recognized.
Källa Ann Chir Plast Esthet
Publicerad 1997
Författare Mitz V


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