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Överskrift Can aromatherapy replace pre-medication?
Upplaga 8(5)
Sidor 34-6
Överskrift Can aromatherapy replace pre-medication?
Beskrivning An examination of the use of the therapy within the theatre environment would be a useful extension of the care we already give our patients. It would be interesting to explore the cost effectiveness of oils versus conventional medication, and even though there may be a negative result the desire to provide holistic care may overshadow the cost. If this care can be achieved through therapeutic touch such as massage, and enhanced by the addition of aromatic oils, then perhaps theatre nurses should be training to meet the needs of the patient. It may be appropriate therefore for studies to be undertaken into the suggested benefits of aromatherapy. If, as it has been implied, this therapy is beneficial in reducing the levels of anxiety, it would seem sensible to introduce it to preoperative patients who suffer varying degrees of anxiety.
Källa Br J Theatre Nurs
Publicerad 1998
Författare Gibbons E


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