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Överskrift Therapeutic massage in older persons: research issues
Upplaga 8(3)
Sidor 159-64
Överskrift Therapeutic massage in older persons: research issues
Beskrivning Growing recognition of the importance of holistic nursing interventions is resulting in a revival in the use of therapeutic massage. Massage contributes to health and healing through enhancement of relaxation, and is a safe, caring, and inexpensive intervention. Therapeutic massage research using older populations is reviewed for identification of its theoretical framework, design, outcome variables, sample, procedures, instruments, analyses and results. To establish a scientific basis for therapeutic massage in the future, it is critical that nurses include the following key elements in their research studies: clear definitions: procedures for massage that include type(s) of massage performed, part of body massaged, and length of time of massage; and analyses that control for the pre-massage level of the variable of interest. Research variables need to focus on concepts that have major health consequences such as agitation, immune status, and pain.
Källa Br J Nurs
Publicerad 1999
Författare Haddock S, Lamontagne A, Malouin F, Richards CL, Robinson K, Weinrich SP


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